Hindsight is Always 20/20

So for our very final assignment, we were asked to give advice for future students. Professor Bond does send out an e-mail before the semester starts warning about the amount of work and time required for the course. Definitely take that e-mail to heart, he’s serious! The work itself is not that hard and its actually fun to do, its just very time consuming. If you have a heavy schedule or work a lot or anything like that, this may not be the class for you. Also, when given the option to work in groups, always do it! Its more fun that way and you will end up learning from the group as well.

The real thing I wish I had known going into this class is how to use all of the editing software and apps. We learn a lot about the different types of media and what to look for in it. The basic instructions received on how to do the assignments are not enough. At least not for someone like me who learns best by having someone next to me actually waling me through how to do something.

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