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This week all of the agents had to create Twitter polls based on the other agents characters and then participate in the polls created by others. Even though the class uses Twitter a lot, I’m still very new to it and don’t really know how it works so this was kind’ve hard for me. Luckily the polls themselves are pretty easy to create. Having the creativity to make a good one is another story. I decided to use Agent Smith as my inspiration. His bio says one of his achievements is never being detected by the enemy so I asked the class what he would do if he was detected. 75% of the responses said he would spill all the plan details in a heartbeat so I guess we all better hope he never gets caught!

I got a lot of insight into the other agents’ minds with these polls as well. Pretty much everyone has a great sense of humor. I found that in polls where a humorous answer was an option, that was generally the one that got the most votes. I know thats how I usually voted 🙂 I was, however, very disappointed that no one used my character, Agent A, in one of their polls though. I would’ve really liked some inspiration for the final project!

  1. Paul

    Are you able to use the information about the other agents for inspiration? Maybe Agent A needs to do something about them.

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