The End

It all started one dark and stormy night.

I was at home, minding my own business and enjoying a well-earned vacation when I go the call I had been waiting for.

It was the boss. “It’s go time” he said. “You need to be in Canada in 24 hours”. I knew this was it, the moment of truth. All of our agents’ spy work and missions would come down to this one mission. Russia and Canada have been plotting against us and the time had finally come to take them down.

I had already had a plan in mind. The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs were happening and The Washington Capitals were playing a series against the Toronto Maple Leafs. I had a feeling something would happen and had been stealthily planning for it. First, the location. I knew the game would be played at Air Canada Centre. I had mapped it.

My plan was a simple one. I had to begin by making the enemy believe I was still at home and nowhere near the area. I had my mom post a seemingly current picture of me at home, asleep in bed.

Agent A


The groundwork has been laid, now its time to get started! I got into my mission clothes and headed for the door.

I figured running might take a while so I decided to take a plane.

I got there much faster and then it was time to find my mark. Unfortunately, this proved to be fairly hard. Finding a single person/animal in a sea of crazy hockey fans is a daunting task. The ultimate game of Where’s Waldo!

I had even bigger problem though. I didn’t even know who I was looking for. I had a general idea but that was it. After a while, though, I spotted what I was looking for and went in for the take down.

Your time has run out Dr. Squirrel. I always knew he would be behind all of this!

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