Radio Show Ideas

I can honestly say I am not looking forward to this. Participating in a radio show is like starring in my very own horror film! However, I know its something I’ll have to do for this class so I’m steeling myself for it already.

As far as ideas for it go, I wasn’t really able to come up with much that relates to our class theme. My main idea was to discuss our favorite spy movies and/or books of all time. I also thought we could put a poll together ahead of time and poll all of our friends and classmates to find out what the most popular film is overall. Not super creative but not a bad idea right?

Another idea I had relates to the audio stories we listened to on ds106radio this week. I thought maybe each person in the group could come up with a short story or adventure based on the character they came up with for the class. I’m not much a story-teller myself but it could be fun and would certainly make for an entertaining show.

I hope you like these because I can’t seem to come up with anything else right now 🙁

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